My name is Michael Noll and I founded in April 2009. I am an architect in Boston, Massachusetts with a passion for understanding how the elements of a building come together to form a working whole. was born after I had joined many of my co-workers in keeping a notebook of information that hadn't been committed to memory, but was routinely looked up. We had our own three-ring binder and we would swap data sheets that were picked up at a seminar or conference. We had sheets for in-wall plumbing fixture dimensions, door swing/handing, and duct shaft layouts. Many of the sheets were illegible because they were fifth or sixth-generation copies. I thought this was the kind of information that should be made available to all architects in a searchable digital version.

The site is in its infancy, but I want to build it into a community of architects keeping each other informed about the latest procedures and technologies in construction and design. There are some big ideas floating around - as is the case for every architect - but for now we are focusing on providing you with the information that you need every day.

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Thanks for coming and remember, this is YOUR reference so please let us know if there is anything we can add to help you out.

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