Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile installation types including thin-set and thick-set (mud-set).

Floor Slip Resistance: SCOF vs DCOF (Coefficient of Friction)

Issues surrounding slip resistance in flooring, specifically with ceramic tile floors, are discussed. We cover how slip resistance is measured and how an architect should go about selecting tile floors that will be safe for building occupants.

Paint Sheen

Descriptions of the different levels of sheen (gloss) for paint.

Gypsum Wall Board (Drywall) Basics

This article covers gypsum board, commonly called drywall. We discuss the many variations of drywall, the typical sizes of drywall, and basic installation.

Gypsum Board (Drywall) Level of Finish

Gypsum board finish levels as specified by ASTM C 840.

Flooring - Carpet

Description and uses for carpet. Covers carpet tile, broadloom carpet, and padding.

Flooring - Resilient Flooring

A discussion of the different types of resilient flooring.

Flooring - Terrazzo

A description of the types of terrazzo flooring and the different installation systems.

Raised Access Flooring

Learn about the basics of Raised Access Flooring (Computer Access Flooring), which provides easy access to cables and other systems run below the floor.

Suspended Ceilings - Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles (ACT) are a form of stick-built suspended ceiling. This article describes the components and options.
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