Descriptions, typical nomenclature, and diagrams for the different steel shapes that are used in construction.
Diagrams and dimensions of common light gauge (cold formed) metal framing members are shown, including metal studs, C-H Studs, and various furring shapes.
A chart of sheet metal thicknesses converted to gauge and inches. Covers aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and sheet steel.
There are various types of stainless steel used in building and construction. This article covers 300 Series, 400 Series, and 904L Stainless Steel.
The various methods for finishing stainless steel are discussed - including 03 through 10. Also covered is pickling, etching, electroplating, and other stainless steel finishing methods.
A discussion of various metal coatings that help prevent corrosion.
Description of galvanic action, which includes a graphic galvanic scale for easy reference.
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