Annual reviews are coming, it's time to prepare

As we approach the end of September, the weather is starting to turn and Q3 is coming to a close. This is a good opportunity to review the first nine months of the year.

How did you do professionally and in your personal life? What can you improve over the next three months as we close out 2023?

Many firms will do annual reviews during the fourth quarter so take some time to think about how you want this conversation to go. Also think about what you would recommend to firm leadership to help them improve.

Let’s finish the year strong!


Sage and Coombe Recognizes Union

The New York firm is the second US firm to recently recognize an employee union. There is little information on negotiations.

New York firm Sage and Coombe Architects announces new office union

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Concrete Isn’t Dead Yet

In an Architizer editorial, Pat Finn recognizes the environmental impact of concrete, but says it isn’t time to move on from the durable and cost-effective material.

“Architects Should Continue Using Concrete. Change My Mind.”

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Bird Strikes Ongoing Problem in Cities

Our trend toward all-glass skyscrapers has affected the bird population. More than 250,000 birds collide with buildings each year in New York alone 😳. Turning lights off and adding frit patterns to windows are two solutions being implemented.

New York’s plan to save birds from crashing into buildings: lights out

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AI is Coming but Will Your Team be Ready?

Architectural schools are debating how to navigate the efficiency of using Artificial Intelligence with the potential negative implications. Future architects will need prompt writing and development skills. It is good that these conversations are happening now.

Learning AI: Are Architecture Schools Ready?

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Construction Prices Up Again

Associated Builders and Contractors released their monthly construction cost update, which showed a 1.5% increase in August.

Concerning quote: “With labor costs still rising, consumers spending aggressively, oil-producing nations limiting output and global supply chains being reorganized, there is reason to believe that future readings will also demonstrate excess inflation is here to stay.”

Although, we also see lots of economists opining that inflation is cooling.

ABC: Monthly Construction Input Prices Increased 1.5% in August