BBToolsets update

We just updated our custom Bluebeam Revu toolsets with a host of new symbols, hatches, and line styles. Those of you who have purchased the tools in the past can head over to to download the update for free.

This new version also comes with an update to our pricing structure, including a price increase. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you can download the new version now for the previous price of $35. Just use the coupon code UPDATE2022 before it expires on Wednesday at 11pm Eastern. (The offer has expired.)

If you use Bluebeam Revu to mark up drawings or submittals, BBToolsets will save you hours of time developing your own symbols…and you get free updates forever!

And on to five things that caught my attention over the past two weeks…


Inflation Continues to Affect Construction Costs

The Turner Cost Index reports a 2.18% increase in non-residential construction costs for Q3 2022. This represents an annual increase of $8.62%.

RLB’s Q3 2022 report indicates an increase in 2.24% nationally, which represents an 8.96% annual increase.

Both of these numbers are in line with, or slightly lower than, Q2 2022.

Architects should continue to work with their Contactor partners to help clients avoid material delays or price increases.

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Grenfell Tower Inquiry Completes Phase 2

The body investigating the 2017 Grenfell fire completed the second phase of their investigation. A representative from the London Mayor’s office stated “to any observer, this has indeed been a merry-go-round of buck passing. The commercial bodies have taken no responsibility and shown little if any contrition for their role in the loss of 72 lives.”

From a legal perspective, we know why each company is trying to pass the buck. But this is another opportunity for architects to stop and remember that our daily decisions affect lives and we need to keep the public’s health, safety, and welfare in our minds at all times.

‘Merry-go-round of buck passing’ over Grenfell Tower blaze is criticised

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Architect of the Capitol Accused of Ethics Violations

Another reminder that we must uphold the ethics of our position: Brett Blanton, Architect of the Capitol, has been accused of numerous ethics violations in a 10-page report from the Office of the Inspector General.

While Blanton is a Professional Engineer and not an architect, the ethical standards are the same.

Investigation 2021-0011-INVI-P

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Computational Design is the Future

This week, I learned that the word computer was originally a term for the humans who ran calculations (i.e. one who computes). Now, it is a machine that runs calculations infinitely faster than any human.

This brief article discusses the difference between computer-aided and computational design. The way we think about design is going to change as we move beyond CAD and toward computational design.

Beyond Automation – Change How You Think With Computational Design

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Modular Construction Continues to Grow

A recent Modular Building Institute reports that multi-family developers are taking advantage of modular construction practices. However, they say that most of the benefits are in schedule rather than cost.

But as they say, time equals money.

Multifamily developers embrace modular building