Be cautious with office romances

The architectural world was reminded, yet again, of the need for appropriate behavior when starchitect David Adjaye was recently accused of sexual assault. Adjaye denies the claims, but this should serve as a reminder that everyone must be careful when it comes to office romances. There is plenty of nuance and debate on the subject around the internet so there is no need to get into detail here. However, anyone engaging in an office romance should do so cautiously; and if you are in a management or leadership position, it is advisable to avoid them entirely.

Discrimination of any type has no place in a professional practice.


June Billings and Contracts Show Minimal Growth

The AIA Billings Index was essential flat in June, coming in at 50.1, which demonstrates a very small increase in architectural billings. Design Contracts registered 52.7 showing a continued positive outlook by clients.

The commentary this month covers slowing inflation and whether firms plan to use Artificial Intelligence in the future.

June: 50.1, May: 51.0, April: 48.5, March: 50.4, February: 48.0, January: 49.3

ABI June 2023: Firm billings remain essentially flat

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US DOE Provides $90M to Update Energy Codes

The US Department of Energy awarded $90-million to help jurisdictions update energy codes for buildings. The intent is to cut emissions and reduce energy usage, thus reducing heating and cooling costs.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $90 Million To Support Resilient and Efficient Building Energy Codes and Save American Families Money

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AIA is Against Potential Bills Setting Aesthetic Preferences

The AIA came out against proposed legislation that would require federal buildings in Washington DC to have a classical aesthetic. There are dueling bills in Congress that may dictate the aesthetic of buildings built with federal money.

Dueling bills spell potential futures for the federal government’s architectural sensibilities

AIA Statement: New Design Mandate Bills Prohibit Freedom of Expression

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Another Interesting Summer Reading List

Archinect released their 2023 Summer Reading List and it has a bunch of books that you don’t normally find on lists like this. There are some interesting recommendations worth checking out before you head out on vacation.

Archinect's 2023 Summer Reading List

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The Resurgence of Geodesic Domes?

It seems like geodesic domes are making a comeback as a way of protecting from natural disasters and climate change. Buckminster Fuller would be delighted.

As Climate Shocks Multiply, Designers Seek Holy Grail: Disaster-Proof Homes