Eliminate distractions and get back to designing

This article on productivity is a couple of years old, but recently came to my attention. Designing buildings takes a lot of focused work. Unfortunately, we live in a very distracted world with so many entertainment options at our disposal.

I will let you read the article, but it boils down to the need to put distractions away and focus on doing the work. Look around your office. How many people are distracted by something other than the task at hand?

Yes, exposure to the internet and social media may provide inspiration to generate better designs, but when the time comes we need to shut it down and do the work.


Construction Material Costs Remain Volatile

Material prices have fluctuated wildly since the pandemic started and they continue to do so now that inflation is here. For example, lumber futures have swung from the $200 range up to $550, down the $300, and back up to $600 twice in the past couple of years. There is little stability. Architects need to keep in mind that we may be asked to evaluate alternate materials for the foreseeable future.

Lumber prices ride a volatility roller coaster

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Effect of the US Inflation Reduction Act on Architects

On August 16, Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. The law authorizes spending for energy and climate change, Affordable Care Act subsidies, and some tax reforms. These may affect your business.

The news was welcomed by the AIA, the USGBC, and the ASLA. The National Association of Home Builders criticized the bill saying it doesn’t do enough to ease inflation and may cause home prices to increase.

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US NAAB Announces New Leadership Team

The National Architectural Accreditation Board has elected new officers and directors.

NAAB Elects New Officers and Directors

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AI Can Design Buildings From Library of Images

Artificial Intelligence can now “design” convincing renderings of buildings by sourcing keywords from a human and then creating a collage from the vast library of images from around the internet. Will this become a design tool? Is it already?

Artificial intelligence can now make convincing images of buildings. Is that a good thing?