Embrace change, manage change

I came across this old article from Harvard Business Review entitled, All Management is Change Management.

It is very easy for us to become resistant to change. We want things to operate the same way they have. We embrace the comfort of knowing what is coming at us. We think future generations should have the same experiences we did (even the bad parts).

Unfortunately, the only thing you can count on is that everything is going to change. Once you understand that your job as a manager is to deal with change — from the client, from the contractor, and from your own team — your stress level will come down. Humans are made to adapt to changes.

Embrace change and look forward it. Change is an opportunity to see things in a new light and to make things better.


Unionization Voted Down at Snohetta

Workers at the US offices of Snohetta voted against forming a union. The vote was close at 35 against vs. 29 for. The firm did not voluntarily recognize the push to unionize and union proponents said the firm hired a union-busting law firm to help derail the plan.

Workers at Snøhetta vote against unionization

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GSA Testing Net-Zero Technologies

The US General Services Administration, along with the US Department of Energy, will spend $30-million testing seven different technologies aimed at making the US real estate portfolio net-zero by 2045.

Biden-Harris Administration Invests $30 Million to Advance American-Made Clean Energy Technologies and Accelerate Push for Net-Zero Federal Buildings

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Some Schools Advancing Professional Practice Curriculum

Most of us took one or two professional practice courses in college and then learned how to run a firm while working. Architects have been complaining about having to teach young architects how firms work for years. Some educators are trying to change that.

Practicing Practice: A new wave of educators are updating how professional practice courses are delivered in architecture schools. What are they teaching?

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New ASHRAE Standard to Reduce Risk of Disease Transmission

ASHRAE announced the publication of its new Standard 241, Control of Infection Aerosols to reduce the risk of airborne pathogens. The standard will help improve indoor air quality during the cold and flu seasons and hopefully will help mitigate future pandemics.

ASHRAE Approves Groundbreaking Standard to Reduce the Risk of Disease Transmission in Indoor Spaces

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US is Most Expensive for Construction, but Moderating

A global survey of construction costs shows that six American cities rank in the top ten places where it is most expensive to build. Labor shortages and material prices seem to be the main cause.

Global Survey: US Now Is Most Expensive for Construction

That said, one expert thinks that material prices are likely to remain flat over the next six months.

Construction expert predicts flat material prices for second half of year