Encouraging diversity in Architecture

This week is Construction Inclusion Week. While the event focuses on the construction side of the business, recent NCARB data continues to show that the architecture and engineering side of the industry also has work to do.

AEC Unites was launched at the beginning of October to “inspire, promote and spur equity and inclusion in the AEC industry for Black talent and Black-owned businesses.” No doubt, we also still have work to do when it comes to other underrepresented groups.

Diversity of people brings diversity of thought to our projects, which will improve our built environment. Everyone should work to improve opportunities for underrepresented people in the AEC industry. This can be internally through hiring, but it is also important to work with minority-owned firms to promote their growth in the construction world.


NCARB Looking at Alternate Paths to Licensure

Most architects graduate from a NAAB accredited school, complete their AXP hours, and then pass all sections of the ARE. However, 15% of architects in the US were licensed via other pathways. Last week, NCARB announced they are looking at other ways to fulfill the educational part of the journey.

NCARB Endorses Multiple Pathways to Practice

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An Inside Look at Architecture Worker Union Thinking

We’ve been following a number of topics closely over the past few months: unionization at architecture firms, artificial intelligence, and a lack of development of Revit. The Architect’s Newspaper ties them all together with a look at how the new unions are thinking about the future of practice during their negotiations. Regardless of what side you are on in this debate, it is worth reading this article.

What the Bernheimer Architecture Union learned from UTOPIA and the writer’s strike

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A Review of Mental Health in Architecture Firms

Archinect released their 2023 Mental Health Survey results, which includes a comparison to January 2020 (pre-COVID) and June 2020 (during COVID). I don’t assume that the results are scientific (the Archinect community forum skews toward unhappy), but it is interesting to see what people struggle with. Firm leaders should check this out.

Archinect's 2023 Mental Health Survey Results

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New Report on How to Decarbonize the Construction Industry

The USGBC, in collaboration with the RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute), issued a report aimed at reducing the amount of embodied carbon in our building projects. The report covers many specifics including concrete, wood construction, and carbon storage in buildings.

Driving Action on Embodied Carbon in Buildings

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Sagrada Familia About 3 Years From Completion

The fifth (of six) central tower of the famed cathedral was completed last week. They still have at least three more years of work until they reach substantial completion. I’m kind of curious how the warranties work on a project like this.

Barcelona’s Unfinished Masterpiece Is Now a Little More Finished