Nostalgic about the 2023 Venice Biennale

I remember the Venice Biennale being a big event for the design world back when I was in college. Each country would develop a pavilion that delved into the design and social thinking of the day. Now, as a professional, it doesn’t even register as a blip in my world. Perhaps I’m more focused on practice issues or maybe it was more prominent because I had access to every design periodical and magazine in the school library.

Nevertheless, the event continues to be a place to discuss how design affects society and still generates controversy. Here is a rundown of news coverage of this year’s Venice Biennale.

Brazil wins Golden Lion for Best National Participation at the 2023 Venice Biennale, and other awards and recognitions

Venice Biennale 2023 review – an important challenge to western architectural tradition

In Venice, a Chorus of Voices From Africa

Emerging Themes at the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale: Highlights from the National Pavilions

Venice Architecture Biennale "does not show any architecture" says Patrik Schumacher

Eleven things we loved at the Venice Architecture Biennale


April Billings Decline, New Contracts also Decline

The AIA Billings Index fell to 48.5 in April, showing contraction in billings after positive signs in March. This is the sixth time in the last seven months that Billings declined. Design contracts also fell.

The commentary this month covers an anticipated pause in interest rate hikes and strong 2022 firm profitability.

April: 48.5, March: 50.4, February: 48.0, January: 49.3, December: 47.5, November: 46.6

ABI April 2023: Business conditions soften again at architecture firms

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EEOC Warns Employers That End of COVID Emergency Doesn’t Mean the End of Accommodations

The COVID public health emergency in the United States ended on May 11, but that doesn’t mean that employers can stop providing accommodations to their staff. This especially affects employees suffering from long COVID.

EEOC Releases Update to Covid-19 Technical Assistance

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10-Story Mass-Timber Building Survives 7.7-magnitude Earthquake in Test

As mass-timber buildings gain more traction, there have been concerns over the achievable heights for these structures, along with fear over seismic events. A recent shake-table test showed that a properly designed structure can withstand a 6.6-magnitude earthquake, followed by a 7.7 quake, with minimal cosmetic damage.

Shaken Not Stirred: Tallest Mass-Timber Shake-Table Test

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Summer Reading: Novels About Architecture

We’ve all read (or at least tried to read…I couldn’t get through it) The Fountainhead. Architizer suggests four other novels that they think are better than Ayn Rand’s political behemoth. You may want to consider one of these for your beach reading.

I highly recommend The Devil in the White City.

4 Novels About Architecture That Are Better Than “The Fountainhead”

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A Few Career Growth Suggestions

As discussed a couple of issues ago, recent graduates are just starting their careers after years toiling in college design studios. Here are two recent articles that you can recommend to them…or maybe even use for yourself.

Life of an Architect, Episode 125: A Great Employee

Young Architect Guide: 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated With My Architecture Degree