Reflect on 2022

This is our final issue of 2022. We will be back on January 9.

As we close out the year, many of you will be using some of that remaining vacation time and celebrating the new year with friends and family. I encourage you to take some quiet time over the next few weeks to review your personal goals for 2022. 

How did you do?

And what does your ideal 2023 look like?

Write down your thoughts and file it away so you can check back on it to keep yourself on track (or reevaluate). It helps to have a Values and Vision statement that will direct your decisions and planning process. What are your personal and professional values? And what is your vision for 2023…and beyond?

Enjoy the rest of the year and I hope to see you in January.


Thinking of Starting Your Own Firm?

Some of us like working for a firm, while others want to run their own firm. If you are thinking about making the transition in 2023, this article gives you 5 things to prepare before you take the leap.

I think #3 (Lack of Vision and Business Direction) and #5 (Personality) are important things to consider. Are you built to run a firm and what is your firm’s value proposition going to be?

5 Biggest Risks When Starting Your Own Architecture Firm

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Overwhelmed by Emails and Online Meetings

This very short article doesn’t tell us anything that we don’t already know. We are all overwhelmed by our inbox and by the number of meetings we have each day. I know that after emails and meetings, I only have an hour or two do do actual work. But there are two good insights here:

  1. Tell your team that it is OK to skip a meeting they are invited to if they don’t need to be there. And then send good notes afterword so they can spend 10 minutes catching up instead of the entire hour of the meeting.
  2. Really think about that To: list before you send an email. It is often easier to add someone so they are aware, but do they really need to be copied. (Hint: you don’t have to reply-all when you want to say Thank You.)

Workers overwhelmed, distracted by email

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The 2023 AIA Awards

The AIA issued its annual awards last week. There were 5 awards in total:

AIA Gold Medal: Carol Ross Barney

AIA Firm Award: Mithun

Topaz Medallion for Architectural Education: Dr. Sharon Egret Sutton

Kemper Award for Service to the Profession: Jeff Potter

Young Award for Championing Social Issues: Robert L. Easter

Congratulations to all.

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US DOE Proposes Rule to Cut Emissions in Federal Buildings

The US government is proposing a new rule that will cut emissions by going electric. If enacted, the rule will start at 90% emissions reductions in 2025 and move to 100% decarbonization by 2030.

Biden-Harris Administration Announces Steps to Electrify and Cut Emissions from Federal Buildings

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Supermodels: On the Art of Model Buildings

An exhibit in London goes analog to look at the art of building physical models. The exhibition ended yesterday, but the photos are very nice.

Small wonders: stunning exhibition celebrates artistry of model buildings

Exhibit Website