Slow down the holiday slow period

We are down to the last few business weeks of the year and a lot of architects, consultants, and clients will take time off over that period. Make sure you take advantage of slow periods, but also make sure you get ahead of anything you need from people before the year ends.

Next week is Thanksgiving in the United States. We should all give thanks for what we have and what we have accomplished. No doubt, times are tough in many respects and it is often hard to see the bright parts through all of the darkness, but it is there.

Finally, please cut everyone a little slack over these last few weeks. We are all running around focused on a wide range of issues. It is time for all of us to slow down a bit and take some deep breaths to alleviate the stress.

Enjoy your time with family and friends.


Women in Architecture 2023/2024

Architectural Record recently celebrated 10 years of their Women in Architecture Design Leadership Awards, which recognized 6 women who have contributed significantly to the profession.

RECORD Celebrates 10 Years of the Women in Architecture Design Leadership Awards

And Kimberly Dowdell will become the first black woman to serve as AIA President in January.

A Black Woman’s Rise in Architecture Shows How Far Is Left to Go

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Manipulating Artificial Intelligence is the Future

This article isn’t so much about AI in architecture and construction, but it got me thinking that our jobs a decade or two into the future will be to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and manipulate it to make buildings. Not only will you manage teams of people, but you will manage AI. Everyone will be an AI engineer.

Need for skilled AI talent is driving up salaries

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I-95 in Philly Reopens After ONLY Six Months

We reported a few months ago about the fire that destroyed I-95 in Philadelphia. Had this simply been a new bridge, it would have take years (decades?) to get the project done. However, given the importance, the project was completed in only six months. We can design and build quickly and safely if we want to.

(China or India could have completed this in a few weeks.)

Permanent I-95 Lanes Reopen in Philadelphia Less Than Six Months After Fire Collapse

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Architizer’s 2023 Vision Awards

This newsletter focuses on practice, but I am still a sucker for nice images. And if we are honest, presentations are part of practice. It is energizing to look at some visionary presentations.

Architizer A+Awards > Best of the year > Architect Creator of the Year