The 2024 Model Building Codes Have Arrived

The 2024 Model Building Codes have been released over the past few months. The International Code Council released most of their model codes back in December of 2023. The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials released the 2024 Uniform codes back in May of 2023.

Remember that Model Building Codes are updated and maintained by standards organizations, but it is up to local jurisdictions to implement the codes (often with local modifications). Sometimes that takes many years. For instance, Massachusetts is currently using their Ninth Edition Building Code that references the 2015 ICC codes. The Tenth Edition is in draft form and references 2021 codes. Governments move very slowly.

That said, it is always a good idea for architects and engineers to stay informed about the latest code updates so that you are aware of what is coming down the road. I recommend reaching out to your local code consultant to ask them for a lunch-and-learn. Most are happy to give you an overview of current status and potential future changes that are lurking. You may even get a CEU or two.

In the spirit of keeping everyone updated, I just edited our Free Online Building Codes article with links to the 2024 model codes. We earn a few cents in affiliate commissions if you use the links in that article to buy a physical copy from Amazon.

Also, the first week in March is National Women in Construction Week. I admittedly craft this newsletter based on the previous two weeks of news and almost never have the foresight to look ahead at what might be coming. To all of the women who subscribe, thank you for continuing to drive our industry forward. Your contribution is important and continues to help improve the built environment.


Your liability insurance rates are probably going up again

ENR reports that A/E professional liability insurance rates are likely to go up by 5% or more in 2024 based on a recent survey by broker Ames & Gough. This is mostly due to continued material cost inflation plus some very large damage awards stemming from recent lawsuits.

You can contact your broker or carrier to ask about what you can do to help limit the increases. They sometimes have programs to reduce premiums through employee education or other policies that the firm can implement.

Design Professional Liability Insurers: Brace for More Price Hikes

You can read the entire survey report from Ames & Bough in this PDF download.

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California considering alternate project delivery methods

It appears that California is considering alternate project delivery methods including construction-manager-at-risk and progressive-design-build. I am working on an update to our article on delivery methods so that you can better understand what to be aware of for each method - hopefully, I will have more about that in the next newsletter.

Public Agencies Discuss Evolution of Alternative Project Delivery Methods

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What do architects think about AI?

I keep talking about how we need to embrace AI and start thinking about how we will use it as a tool (like Maylines, AutoCAD, and Revit.) It turns out that architects aren’t exactly excited about it. Shocking. RIBA ran a survey where most respondents had a negative opinion of AI. Don’t let the media sway your opinion. AI is coming. It won’t replace architects, but it will help us do our jobs better.

Exploring Architects’ Perspectives on AI: A Survey of Fears and Hopes

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US DOE requires states to upgrade energy code

The US Department of Energy issued a determination showing that upgrading the ASHRAE energy standard 90.1 from the 2019 version to the 2022 version would result in a site energy savings of 9.8 percent for commercial buildings. States have until 2026 to update their building codes to reference the new version.

Determination Regarding Energy Efficiency Improvements in ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1–2022; Notification of determination

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You will eventually submit your BIM model for a building permit

It seems like just yesterday that building departments started moving toward PDF submissions and digital stamps. Finland is getting close to requiring BIM models to be submitted with a building permit applications. The future is coming.

BIM-based Building Permit Rolling out in Finland