Vacations and intern architects

July and August tend to be the slowest months at Archtoolbox. Visits to the website fall as people spend time vacationing. I hope you have had the chance to put work aside and spend time enjoying life. It is important to check out and reset as we head into the remainder of 2022. I’m excited to see how many out-of-office notifications this email generates.

This is also a time where recent graduates are settling into their new positions and learning the ropes. Please reach out to new hires in your office to make sure they are adapting to their new routine.

Finally, good luck to all the architecture students heading off to their first year. I hope Archtoolbox will help in your studies.

There are a few articles this week that discuss the challenges some students and recent grads are facing.


US Architectural Design Copyright Law Advanced

A lawsuit, settled out of court, between Marlon Blackwell Architects and their associated architect, client, developer group has helped build upon architectural design copyright law originally established in 1990. Importantly, the AIA’s B111-2022 is updated to provide clearer information on these rights.

Marlon Blackwell’s Lawsuit Sets the Bar for Design Copyright

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23-year-olds Become Youngest Licensed Architects in US

Changes to the Architect Experience Program (AXP) have allowed two Auburn grads to earn their Architecture License earlier than previously possible. The average age of licensure is 29.

Recent grads should take advantage of this new opportunity and get licensed as early as possible. Life quickly gets in the way after college and it is best to take the exams when you are are still used to studying. Check out our favorite resources for passing the ARE.

A pair of very recent Auburn University grads become youngest licensed architects in the U.S.

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All Nighters are Bad for the Brain…and Architecture

As new architecture students gear up for their first semester, they are also gearing up for their first dreaded all-nighter. Yes, we have been hearing cries to end them for years yet it remains a right of passage for many. You simply cannot do your best work (in school or in the office) without getting proper sleep.

One thing to keep in mind: Yes, you can make this project better. But it won’t be your last project so save some of those good ideas for the next one.

Architecture Students Should Never Do All-Nighters. Change My Mind.

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RIBA Elects New Leadership

Muyiwa Oki has been elected as the next president of the Royal Institute of British Architects. New council members were also elected. Oki’s term will begin in September 2023.

RIBA 2022 election - results

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Construction Continues Adding Jobs, Outlook Softens

While we don’t want to focus this newsletter on weekly economic updates, it is our current reality that the economy is on unsure footing while many architects remain busy. This week’s construction jobs reports show continued growth. As we know, construction is a trailing indicator for architects, but this remains promising.

Jobs Updates: ENR (paywall), Construction Dive

While the multifamily market remains strong, Freddie Mac expects multifamily starts to slow through the rest of 2022.

Freddie Mac 2022 Midyear Multifamily Outlook