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Over the last couple of months since restarting the newsletter, I tried to pick up where it left off a few years ago. For the most part, the newsletter consists of a short blurb up front related to recent news about professional practice and how it might affect those of us working in AEC. Then, I link to four or five recent news stories with a focus on practice, technical, or economic issues.

You won’t find links to pretty pictures of buildings because there is plenty of that available on other websites.

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Are Our Buildings Really Sustainable?

Michael Green, in this Architizer article, suggests that our buildings, while certainly more sustainable than in the past, should not be classified as Sustainable Buildings.

It is true: we aren’t there yet. The article suggests an alternate solution where each construction project has clear sustainability disclosures. A poor report card would go a long way to encouraging clients and designers to be more aggressive.

It’s Time to Stop Calling Buildings Sustainable

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Muyiwa Oki is RIBA’s First “Worker at the Helm”

The Guardian presents an interesting profile of Muyiwa Oki, the youngest RIBA president ever. Oki is also the first black President of RIBA.

‘Our time has come’ – Muyiwa Oki, first black president of RIBA, reveals his shakeup plans

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More on NIBS BIM Standards Initiative

We recently mentioned the new NIBS mission to update BIM standards in the US. This Construction Dive interview with one of the program leaders, Johnny Fortune, is a deeper look into their aspirations.

BIM program aims to boost construction’s digital transformation

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A Look into How Standards Evolve

A major girder failure at the Salesforce Transit Center is leading to potential changes in the AISC standards. This article provides a glimpse into the process.

AISC Group Recommends Spec Changes After Salesforce Transit Center Girder Fractures