Civil Engineering Plan Symbols

Every civil engineering firm uses custom plan symbols in their drawings so it is important to check the drawing legend. The symbols below come from the US National CAD Standard or are typical symbols we have seen in civil sets.

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Civil Engineering Line Styles

Property Line

Property line symbol

Limit of Work Line

Limit of work line symbol

Fence Lines

Fence line symbols

Sanitary Sewer Line

Sanitary sewer line symbol

Storm Drain Line

Storm drain line symbol

Water Line

Water line symbol

Domestic Water Line

Domestic water line symbol

Fire Protection Line

Fire protection line symbol

Chilled Water Line

Chilled water line symbol

Steam Line

Steam line symbol

Natural Gas Line

Natural gas line symbol

Fire Alarm Line

CFire alarm line symbol

Electrical Line

Electrical line symbol

Telecommunications Line

Telecommunications line symbol

Cable TV Line

Cable TV line symbol

Overhead Wire Line

Overhead wire line symbol

Civil Engineering Plan Symbols

Tree Line

Tree line symbol

Topographic Contour Line

Topographic contour line symbol

Boring Indicator

Boring indicator symbol

Survey Monument

Survey monument symbol

Spot Elevation

Spot elevation symbol

Top/Bottom of Curb
Top/Bottom of Wall

Top/bottom of curb or wall symbol

Catch Basin

Catch basin symbol


Cleanout symbol

Sanitary Sewer Manhole

Sanitary sewer manhole symbol

Storm Drain Manhole

Storm drain manhole symbol

Water Manhole

Water manhole symbol

Water Handhole

Water handhole symbol

Water Meter

Water meter symbol

Hose Hydrant

Hose hydrant symbol

Wall Mounted Hose Hydrant

Wall mounted hose hydrant symbol

Fire Hydrant

Fire hydrant symbol

Steam Manhole

Steam manhole symbol

Natural Gas Manhole

Natural gas manhole symbol

Natural Gas Meter

Natural gas meter symbol

Natural Gas Shutoff

Natural gas shutoff symbol


Valve symbol

Electrical Manhole

Electrical manhole symbol

Electrical Handhole

Electrical handhole symbol

Electrical Meter

Electrical meter symbol

Electrical Switch or Shutoff

Electrical switch or shutoff symbol

Telecommunications Manhole

Telecommunications manhole symbol

Telecommunications Handhole

Telecommunications handhole symbol


US National CAD Standard v6

Article Updated: October 9, 2023

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