Concrete has been used since the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Chinese. It is now a vital part of construction worldwide. Below is a list of masonry industry associations that provide technical information on their websites.

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American Concrete Institute

The American Concrete Institute website has an informative knowledge center with many topics. The ACI also offers continuing education and a bookstore loaded with publications.

Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute has a store that contains a number of free technical guides. The Reinforced Concrete Explorer serves as an inspirational vault of concrete (free, but registration is required).

Tilt-Up Concrete Association

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association website hosts a series of pages that provide basic information about building tilt-up concrete projects.

National Precast Concrete Association

The National Precast Concrete Association has a website with information about precast concrete. There is a section specifically for building and site amenities.

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