Escalators are "moving stairs" where the tread moves on a track at an incline or decline to transport people from one floor to another.  Escalators may not be used as a means of egress.  The typical speed of an escalator is 100 feet per minute.

Escalator Dimensions

The following diagram provides dimensions that can be used for space planning relative to escalators.  However, for specific applications please consult the manufacturer's documentation.

Escalator Planning Section Drawing Diagram

Escalator Width

24 inch wide escalators accommodate a single person without room for any extra items or people.  These are generally used in low traffic areas or where space is tight.

32 inch wide escalators accommodate a single person and a suitcase or package.  These are used at moderate traffic areas.

40 inch wide escalators accommodate two people side-by-side and allow a person to pass a stationary person.  These are recommended for high traffic applications.

Escalator Manufacturers

The links below will take you to Archimat, our building product directory, which hosts a list of manufacturers.


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