Hollow metal door frames are commonly used in commercial and institutional buildings. The diagrams below show metal door frame anchors based on the type of framing used. Frames are installed after a majority of the studs are in place, but before the gypsum wall board has been installed. Hollow metal door frames in a masonry wall are installed with the masonry.

Door Frame Anchor - Base

Base Anchor
An angle is welded inside the frame. Screws or other fasteners are driven through the angle into the structural flooring.

Door Frame Anchor - Masonry

The door frame is placed and the masonry wall is built around the frame. The leg of the T shape is grouted into the wall.

Door Frame Anchor - Metal Stud

Metal Studs
A zee is welded inside the frame. A screw can be driven through a metal stud into the zee.

Door Frame Anchor - Wood Stud

Wood Studs
A zee is welded inside the frame. Portions of the flange are bent into place and secured to the stud with screws.

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