Review: Fundamentals of Building Construction

by Edward Allen and Joseph Iano

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There is nothing more valuable for an architect than spending time in the field observing the construction process. Unfortunately, many junior architects have not had this experience or they have had limited opportunity to observe certain types of construction.  Fundamentals of Building Construction is the next best thing to actual field visits and will provide the architect with knowledge of construction techniques that they have not been exposed to.

Allen and Iano cover every major architectural construction system, from rough framing to finishes. They cover, in great detail, steel, concrete, and wood construction. Well written descriptions of building systems and techniques are accompanied by site photos and drawn details. The photos sometimes appear dated and are black-and-white; however, the content of the photos are relevant to current construction techniques. The drawings are of construction-document quality and are well annotated.

It is impossible to cover every facet of building design and construction within a single volume, and Building Construction Illustrated is no different in this respect. Building systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc) are not covered at all. However, at over 1000 pages, the book covers its topics in great detail.

As with Building Construction Illustrated by Frank Ching, Archtoolbox considers Fundamentals of Building Construction to be an essential reference book for every student and professional architect.

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Article Updated: January 15, 2022

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