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The Absolute Best Reference Books That Architects Can't Live Without

Best Architecture Reference Books

Click here for our list of the books you need

We want to be your digital resource for technical information, but we also like the feeling of flipping the pages of a good book. The archtoolbox crew have a lot of books on the shelves, some of which help inform our content.

If you need that real book feel, perhaps we can help you find the perfect reference book. Visit our list of the Best Architecture Books, many of which have a page dedicated to our review.

Architecture News: The Best Links from the Internet on One Page

Click here for our Architecture News Aggregator

Check out our architecture news aggregation service, archlinks. This little site pulls architecture and building design news from a number of reliable sources and displays them on a single page so you don't miss anything. You'll get a brief intro to the article so you can decide to click through or not.

We have also created a nice and simple mobile version of the site, so if you visit on your phone you will get the same info scaled for your device.