Architect Credential Info by State: CEU, Stamps, Fees, Renewals

Every state has different requirements for CEUs, stamps, and license renewals. To make matters worse, these things can sometimes change from year to year. To help make your life easier, we have created a table of links to each state's board of architects plus links to the specifics about CEUs, stamping and sealing, and renewal information.

Unfortunately, even these links will change from time to time. Please let us know if you find a broken link so we can get it fixed.

StateLicensing BoardFeesScheduleContinuing EducationStamp/Seal Info
AlabamaBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
AlaskaBoard of Registration for Architects, Engineers, and Land SurveyorsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
ArizonaBoard of Technical RegistrationFeesRenewal ScheduleN/AStamp/Seal
ArkansasState Board of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
CaliforniaArchitects BoardFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
ColoradoState Board of Licensure for Architects, Professional Engineers and Professional Land SurveyorsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
ConnecticutDepartment of Consumer ProtectionFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
DelawareBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
FloridaBoard of Architecture and Interior DesignFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
GeorgiaBoard of Architects and Interior DesignersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
HawaiiDepartment of Commerce and Consumer AffairsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
IdahoBoard of Architectural ExaminersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
IllinoisDivision of Professional RegulationFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
IndianaBoard of Registration for Architects and Landscape ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
IowaProfessional Licensing BureauFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
KansasState Board of Technical ProfessionsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
KentuckyBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
LouisianaState Board of Architectural ExaminersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MaineBoard of Licensure for Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior DesignersFeesRenewal ScheduleN/AStamp/Seal
MarylandBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MassachusettsBoard of Registration of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MichiganDepartment of Licensing and Regulatory AffairsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MinnesotaBoard of ArchitectureFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MississippiState Board of ArchitectureFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MissouriDivision of Professional RegistrationFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
MontanaBoard of Architects and Landscape ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
NebraskaState Board of Engineers and ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
NevadaState Board of Architecture, Interior Design and Residential DesignFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
New HampshireBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
New JerseyState Board of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
New MexicoBoard of Examiners for ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
New YorkOffice of the ProfessionsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
North CarolinaBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
North DakotaState Board of ArchitectureFeesRenewal ScheduleN/AStamp/Seal
OhioArchitects BoardFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
OklahomaBoard of Licensed ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
OregonState Board of Architect Examiners FeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
PennsylvaniaState Architects Licensure BoardFeesRenewal ScheduleN/AStamp/Seal
Puerto RicoBoard of Architects and Landscape ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
Rhode IslandBoard of Examination and Registration of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
South CarolinaBoard of Architectural ExaminersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
South DakotaBoard of Technical ProfessionsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
TennesseeBoard of Architectural and Engineering ExaminersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
TexasBoard of Architectural ExaminersFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
UtahDivision of Occupational and Professional LicensingFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
VermontBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
Virgin IslandsDepartment of Licensing and Consumer AffairsFeesRenewal ScheduleN/AStamp/Seal
VirginiaBoard for ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
WashingtonState Department of LicensingFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
Washington DCBoard of Architecture and Interior DesignFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
West VirginiaBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
WisconsinBoard of ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
WyomingState Board of Architects and Landscape ArchitectsFeesRenewal ScheduleCEUStamp/Seal
Article Updated: January 23, 2022

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